Simple Twist Wire Fences

Our company manufactures all types of single-braided wire mesh fences in all possible loops and heights from 1.00 to 5.50m according to ASTM A 116.

Regarding the galvanizing coating of the wire, there is a possibility of production in 5 types, depending on the level of anti-corrosion protection desired

  • Common Wire : EN10244-2 Class D
  • Common Wire + PVC(green): EN10244-2 Class D
  • Heavy Duty 9% EN10244-2 Class A Table 1  
  • Galfan type Zn95%AL5% EN10244-2 Class A Table 2   
  • Type Galfan+PVC(grey) Zn95%AL5% EN10244-2 Class A Table 2 PVC EN 10245-2