In fences where a greater degree of security is required, a type of barbed wire is used which consists of the core, which is made of two galvanized twisted wires and four prong barbs at close intervals on the core according to ASTM A 121.

It can be attached to existing fencing or used independently as a barrier line.

Available in

d=1.60 mm   / 100m or 200m/R

d=2.00 mm   / 65m or 130m/R

 & in two categories as regards its galvanization.
Zinc coating (Common) : > 30 gr/m²
Zinc coating (Heavy Galvanized) :   > 215 gr/m²

Metal quality according to ASTM A510M , SAE 1006 and SAE 1008.
Galvanization quality is according to DIN 1548 &   EN 10244-2