Corner isosceles cross-section stakes (corners) in lengths of 6 meters, side width from 30mm to 50mm and side thickness from 3mm to 5mm.. Corners are products with a wide range of uses, such as fences, support stakes for vines, pillars, supports for roofs etc.

They are available in all desired heights with 8mm holes & nose at the bottom while bending construction is also possible.

STEEL GRADES: – S235JR according to EN 10025-2 (St 37-2 according to DIN 17100)
-S275JR according to EN 10025-2 (St 44-2 according to DIN 17100)
LENGTH – TOLERANCE: – Rod length 6m with tolerance -0 / +100mm


Round cross-section piles are available in:

  • welded cold forming pipes, which are produced from hot or cold rolled steel rolls or pre-galvanized in diameters Φ42, Φ48 & Φ60 in thicknesses =1.50 mm =1.80 mm according to EN 10219 and EN 10305 standards .
  • hot-dip galvanized construction steel pipes in diameters Φ42, Φ48 & Φ60 & thickness =2.00 mm to =3.60 mm according to EN 10219 and EN 10305  standards . In galvanized pipes, the production process of hot-dip galvanizing according to ΕΝ 10240 / .1 achieves the diffusion of zinc in the steel resulting in the improvement of corrosion protection and the increase of their useful life time.

Galvanized pipes are available in all heights and are used in: Fences, Road markings, Greenhouses, Construction of sheds, Construction of awnings, etc. It is also possible to make a bend at the top.