Having more than 40 years of experience in the field of fencing, with specialized workshops we undertake all types of fencing. We tried to take the object of fencing one step further by making cuts in the materials and the way of their construction. Our EN ISO – 9001:2015 certification, which our company applies to the construction of fencing projects, also contributes to this direction. Basically, it is a species which in the long run will be necessary either to demarcate and secure properties, or to secure construction sites – prisons – camps and generally high security areas.

For the above reasons, the materials for each type of fencing are also evolving. An example is mobile fencing to protect construction sites, areas where general works are carried out, restricting and prohibiting traffic access in cities and concerts. Environmental sensitivity also plays an important role, i.e. materials that are friendly to the natural environment and in terms of structure as well as external appearance (e.g. Plasticized fencing with PVC coated wires) Perfecting the way of installation and with the help of the most modern tools and machines we guarantee the most excellent results and we are happy to be able to satisfy all possible needs of our customers by having a full range of types of fences.

Contact us to suggest the type of fencing that suits your space and your needs, having the quality, aesthetics and low cost of your fencing as your first concern.